Signs of a bad real estate agent

They take a long time to get back to you

The first sign of a bad real estate agent is that they do not get back to you in a timely manner. Your agent should be able to speak with you within a days notice so that they can communicate important information to you and you can communicate important information to them. Being left out of the loop or missing out on a hot property because your agent isn’t responding to your voice messages is a red flag. The best agents are always very quick to respond to questions from their clients or enquiries from new clients. That should be the first test when deciding to hire an agent or buy a home in the GTA.

They don’t listen to your goals and budget

You need a real estate agent that cares enough about you to keep your real estate goals and budget in mind. They should only be searching for properties that fit your goals of location and price range, with the exception that there aren’t any suitable ones in the area you are hoping for. You should make it very clear what kind of property you hope to acquire, the amenities you are looking for, and how close to schools or grocery stores you want the place to be.

They aren’t experienced enough to get you a good deal

Experienced agents are expert negotiators. They should be able to haggle a price down to the right amount without insulting the home owners or Realtor they are negotiating with, and they certainly won’t let you get taken advantage of. They know all the tricks of the trade in their city of operation and know the hidden gems of the city. They can offer you good advice on areas to live and areas to avoid in the city.

They act unprofessionally

Your agent shouldn’t be going into too much detail about their own personal life or make you feel uncomfortable. They should never be hitting on you or making racist jokes, or doing anything that shouldn’t be done in a professional environment. You should be able to trust their judgement and know that they will handle business in a professional manner so that you don’t lose out on a property because of it.

They are acting shady

If they are ever hiding offers from you or disclosing confidential information that they shouldn’t be, then you should be drop them. You need an agent that will ensure the property you’re moving into isn’t broken in some way that they aren’t telling you, and that they aren’t lying about something. In the end you will end up with a lot of headaches when working with a shady real estate agent.

Takes these tips into consideration when deciding to hire an agent, don’t get taken advantage of.

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