Moonshine on almonds

Among winemakers, recipes of various alcoholic beverages with almonds are often discussed. In fact, it is not a nut as it is considered to be, but just a stone from a green inedible fruit from a sort of plum. As well as other stones it contains not only valuable substances but also a number of harmful, dangerous ones. Therefore it is necessary to make almond-based moonshine with knowledge of the theory and without the use of excess amount of these “nuts”. In order to get a proper drink it is recommended to use high-quality equipment

It should be noted that in nature there are wild (bitter) and cultivated almonds. Wild ones have a better aroma but contain amygdaline — a substance which is easily split on a number of components, one of which is hydrocyanic acid. For certain many of us remember that cyanides have a smell of almonds. So the pleasant smell and easy bitterness don’t always mean that the drink is fine. Perhaps, such moonshine is poisonous.


This recipe allows to make a bitterish drink with light almond and oak aroma. Besides to get better oak aroma it is better to use to store the final product.

So you will need:

  • strong moonshine (50 °) — 1 liter;
  • sweet peeled almonds — 10 gram (about 5-7 nuts);
  • black raisin— 10 gram (or more);
  • sugar — 1–2 tablespoons;
  • oakchips — 2–5 grams.

Important: not all nuts are possible to keep in alcohol for a long time, and especially stones of fruit-trees. Also, it isn’t recommended to send them to a distilling tank and heat.

Preparation stages

Grind up oak chips and fill them with water. After that it is necessary to pour the mixture into moonshine (not on the contrary!). Add sugar (or syrup) and leave it for several hours.

Add almonds and black raisin, mix all the products properly, cork the battle and infuse the beverage. The drink should be kept in a dark place for about 3 weeks at temperature of 20 °C.

Then filter the received tincture via a strainer or cotton disks and infuse it under the same conditions again at least for 3–4 weeks.

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