Tips to Remember When Dealing with Furnace Cleaning

Having a furnace at home not only helps keep you comfortable in winters but also adds a touch of elegance to the interior of your home. However, you need to bear in mind that your furnace is going to serve you well for as long as you pay attention to its proper maintenance. Furnace cleaning does not have to be a tricky task, but you need to learn the way the unit works and where things can go wrong. You can certainly do the maintenance and inspection on your own, but it is often a good idea to let a specialist do the job for you.

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Having professional involved in the inspection and cleaning process ensures safe and efficient maintenance. If you are interested in doing it yourself, you should ensure that you take safety measures first. Ensure that the fuel supply is turned off. You should turn off the electrical power before meddling with the furnace. Once you have taken the safety measures, you should proceed with the inspection and cleaning process.

  • Be sure to start with the filter. If the filter is not clean, it is going to put serious strain on your furnace. Not only does it increase your heating costs, but it also significantly lowers the life of your furnace. During furnace cleaning, you need to check the filter carefully and ensure that there is a cover over the slot. The cover ensures an efficient return-air system. Do not ignore the cover because it raises safety concerns as well. If you are using pleated filters, know that they usually last no longer than three months. You can wash permanent filters once a month and use them again.
  • Be very careful about relighting. You need to check the pilot light is functioning properly. When relighting, you should pay attention to all the instructions mentioned on access doors. It is not always easy to relight the pilot light because something else might not be right. If that is the case, you should call in a qualified heating contractor for furnace cleaning.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the furnace. You should check the blower first and then use the vacuum to remove any debris or dust inside or around your furnace.
  • You should ensure that the blower motor is functioning properly. To keep it working fine, you may consider lubricating it often.
  • You should ensure that the burner is in good condition. Check it for corrosion and have it cleaned often. You can gain access to the burner by removing the flame shield first. While checking flames, you should do it with the fan on and off to ensure that everything is in good condition.
  • Pay attention to the flue as well. You should check it for any dents or gaps. It is also important to ensure that it is venting efficiently to the outdoors.

In addition to taking these steps, you should do a lot more for proper furnace cleaning. In case you are not sure about something, it is better to avoid taking any risk and call in a professional to take care of the cleaning process.

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