Mold Remediation Services: How Long Does It for Mold to Grow

Water damage in the home caused by pipe leakage, flooding or a leaky room brings with it a lot of trouble. Apart from destroying your properties such as electrical appliances, furniture, flooring, and carpeting, it may also compromise the structural integrity of your building. To make matters worse, it can also stimulate the growth of mold in the home, increasing the damage and making the restoration process costlier and longer. Don’t take chances? If you detect any slight sign of mold growth in your home, contact professional mold remediation services today.

How Fast Can Mold Grow

In order to be able to know the next line of action to take in terms of tackling mold problems after water damage, you need to know how long it takes for mold to grow. In addition, you also need to learn how long the damaging effect of mold growth will take.

Under ideal conditions (optimal temperature and level of humidity), mold takes between 24 and 48 to form and grow. Typically, the spores begin to colonize in 3 – 12 days and become visible in about 18 – 21 days. Keep in mind that this process varies and depends on the type of mold. More so, the growth process can be affected by the actual conditions in the homes alongside other factors such as surface types, household materials, moisture level, and the ambient temperature.

Nevertheless, if you fail to act fast, mold growth may spread to other parts of the home. If you have been encountering mold problems in your home, mold remediation services have a solution in sight for you. It does not matter how long the problem exists; these experts can prevent the spread of mold and eradicate it from your home completely.

How Fast Does Mold Spread?

Mold can spread to other parts of the home, given the right conditions, within a few hours. When a mold spore finds its way to space with moist organic material, it clings on to the surface and begins to feed off the organic substance. Within as little as a few hours, mold starts spreading to other moist areas around the home, damaging the structural integrity of any material they get a foothold on. When this harmful microorganism finds the right surface in your home, it doesn’t take time before it fills the air with thousands of spores that keeps spreading all over the house, destroying properties and anything that comes it’s way.

The best way to prevent mold from growing and spreading around your home quickly after water damage is to drain the water and dry out the area within the first 48 hours after the incident.

Extracting the excess water from the building is only a step in eradicating mold from your home. You need to dry out the area to bolster your defense against these harmful microorganisms. Don’t just focus on the area that was flooded alone. There are other spots in the home where water may have flowed hidden. Mold remediation services will conduct a thorough cleaning process and prevent further damage and mold growth.

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